Permanent Residence Green Cards

Obtaining a “green card”— indicating lawful permanent residency in the U.S.-is the primary goal of our clients who are planning to enter this country.

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Having lawful permanent residency enables you to live and work in the U.S indefinitely. But because obtaining permanent residency has become more complicated since 9-11, applicants regularly need help navigating the process.

We can assist you in obtaining permanent residence through the categories (listed below) within two main types of permanent visas:

Immigrant Visas

  • Aliens of Extraordinary Ability in Business, Arts or Sciences
  • Multinational Managers and Executives
  • Outstanding Professors or Researchers
  • National Interest Waivers
  • DV Lottery
  • Labor Certifications (PERM)
  • Religious Workers
  • Immigrant Investors/Entrepreneurs

Family-based Immigration

  • Spouses, widows, unmarried children under 21, & parents of US citizens
    (Immediate Relatives – IR)
  • Unmarried children over 21 of US citizens (1st preference)
  • Spouses & unmarried children of Green Card holders (2nd preference 2A)
  • Unmarried children of Green Card holders over 21 (2nd preference 2B).
  • Married sons and daughters of US citizens  (3rd preference)
  • Brothers and sisters of US citizens (4th preference)

The waiting period to obtain an immigrant visa through relatives will vary depending on one’s preference category and one’s country of origin.  Nationals of Mexico, India, People’s Republic of China and the Philippines generally have longer waits in these categories.

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